How to receive your bonus* in 3 easy steps

*any game

Play Games

Play Awem Games to collect Trophies
Many Awem games come with achievements you can earn to win trophies. They are rewards for completing objectives in our games. Winning trophies not only provide you with the best gaming experience and bragging rights, but also a way to get free games.

Post Trophies

Post Awem Trophies to get 100 FunCoins
The Awem Trophy Room is where you keep your trophies and share them with friends. The trophy room is easy to use - just press the button "Publish Trophies" from within the game. Whenever you post your trophies, you get FunCoins. Each Awem game has up 100 FunCoins in total – enough to get another game.

Get Bonus

Use 100 FunCoins to get any Game
FunCoins give you a way to get more games for free. When you have enough FunCoins, choose any game on the My Offers page and press the button «Get for 100 FunCoins». Play the new game, publish new Awem trophies, earn another 100 FunCoins, and get another game!