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The Island: Castaway 2 - Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough for The Island: Castaway 2! This walkthrough includes general information and play tips to complete the game.

General Information and Play Tips:

The Map: The map is in the upper right corner of the screen. It is initially covered with clouds. As you explore the islands and meet people, the clouds disappear, revealing stars, icons, and island names. The stars represent characters and the character name is revealed by placing your cursor on a star. A star will be one of four colors: blue, green, yellow or red, depending on the status of a quest: blue means no action is required from you; green means a task has been completed and you should return to that character; red means a quest is in process; yellow means that character needs to talk to you. If a character star is any color except blue, you may click on that star and travel to that person automatically. You may also click on any of the icons (fires, totems, etc.,) to travel to that location automatically. (Note: The map must be 100% clear of clouds to achieve the gold "Island Kid" trophy.)

While using the map, looking at your inventory, making recipes/potions or eating, your character is still doing what they were doing. In other words, if you are in Marshy Woods, looking around for rarities while using a protection potion, and decide to take a look at the map to see if you have uncovered all the clouds, be mindful that your protection potion is still dwindling away. So if you suddenly hear the sounds of "teeth-a-lots" snapping at you, it means you've lost track of time and you need to use another protection potion or get out of Marshy Woods pronto!

In the beginning, pick up every shell, every herb, every fruit, and every stick you come across. The fruit will sustain you, and the herbs, sticks and pearls you will always use. Resources are more plentiful in this game and they replenish very quickly. You also get tools and weapons quicker. But you will still need large amounts of money to improve your weapons and upgrade your bag. The fastest way to get the upgrades is by living off fruit and selling all of the crab, then fish and bird meals as fast as you can make them. (Crab meals are too costly to make in time and materials because they require potatoes and green ears.) Frequent round trips up and down the coastline will get you many, many logs, coconuts and crabs to sell. (In a single trip up and back down the coast I got 33 logs, 45 coconuts and 60 crabs and sold them for $1623.00).

Each chapter has a "Special Item" that must be collected in that chapter. If you miss it, it won't be available again in the game.

There are three shops in this game: Muze's General Store; Wasani's Crafts and Weapons; and Roho's Herbs and Potions. Each one becomes available at a different time in the game and each one only trades in particular items. Muze's shop does not sell or buy herbs; Roho's shop does not sell or buy food; Wasani's shop only sells upgrades for your weapons, tools and bag.

Avoid boars - unless you are hunting them. They will attack you and do damage. Stay out of the Marshy Woods without a protective potion. The "teeth-a-lots" got that name for a reason. Don't go in the Ancestor's Woods unless you are told to go there or without the proper protection. If you pass out in there, you will lose inventory.

If you plan to pick mushrooms in the caves, have a full stomach and only pick one or two at a time - preferably the ones closest to the doors, or in a running line to the door. If you get too many bites and pass out, you will lose inventory.

Two herbs can only be seen with the Potion of Clear Vision - the Oke Bur and the Datura Bowl.

All during and between the time you are doing quests, you must fish, catch multipedes, shoot Leap Quicks and boars, garden, harvest explore, cook, make arrows, cut trees, etc., in order to obtain trophies. Trophies are available in bronze, silver and gold. Be vigilant in these duties. They also mean money in your pocket.

Spoilers: Are posted after the walkthrough

Chapter 1:

- Dream Sequence
- Wake up, talk to Keja and eat some bananas.
- Talk to Mdogotu and learn everyone is in the village
- Go North to the village
- Talk to Tambusi and she will teach you how to make Fruit Salad
- Make a Fruit Salad and show it to Tambusi
- Experience another "Spirit" episode and pass out.
- You wake with Keja and Tambusi talking over you. They take you to the Chief Hakomo.
- You learn you are to be tested for the right to become a "new man". To achieve this, you must solve three riddles. Click on the totem for the first riddle. You can't seem to think what the answer is.
- Talk to Keja about the test.
- Then Mdogotu wants to talk to you. He is at the NW tip of the island. Have a conversation about multipedes. Hey! that's the answer to the riddle!
- Go to Bomani in the Sanctuary and talk to him about multipedes. He will give you a trap to catch multipedes and send you off the catch some. Return to him after you have some. He doesn't have a recipe though.
- Go back and talk to the Chief and get the second riddle.
- Now Muze wants to talk to you. He's on the island SW of the village. Muze talks to you about fishing and tells you to fish, you need bait. You need to talk to Mkulima about digging in dirt for bait.
- Go to Mkulima and she will give you a mattock and show you how to plant seeds. Seeds? Oh my gosh - the answer to the second riddle! But she also wants you to produce a potato and a green ear for her. She gives you 20 seeds. So here's what you do. Plant the first 20 seeds. When everything comes up, pick everything EXCEPT the potatoes and the green ears - leave them in the ground. Go back to Mkulima. She'll ask you how it's going. You'll answer not so good. She'll give you 20 more seeds. Plant seeds in the empty spots in the ground. Let them grow. Again, pull up everything EXCEPT the potatoes and green ears. (if your inventory is full, throw away all but 20 worms, eat the watermelon, pineapple, whatever to empty some slots.) Plant seeds in any empty slots. You should be out of seeds again, so go back to Mkulima, she'll give you 2 more seeds. Now pick a potatoe and green ear and take them to her. That leaves you with a bed full of potatoes and green ears (you will soon be able to make lots of tasty multipede dishes to sell to Muze for $52 each).
- Go back to Muze and tell him you have bait. He will give you a fishing rod and tell you how to fish.
- Catch 5 fish. Show them to Muze. He can't give you a recipe because you don't know how to cook with fire.
- Time for the third riddle. Go back to the Chief and get the third riddle. This one has something to do with cooking -
and Tambusi is right there.
- Talk to Tambusi and she will give you the recipe for Stewed Multipede. Make one and show it to her.
- Then go back to Muze - he will give you the recipe for Fried Fish. Fry a fish and bring it back to Muze. He tells you he will buy the fish back from you, etc., and his shop is now open to you - hooray!
Now you can start cashing. Take some long strolls up and down the coastline catching multipedes, picking up logs and coconuts (keep in mind your bag is still limited). Pick the rest of the potatoes and green ears and make all the Stewed Multipede you can. Catch more fish and fry them - then sell everything to Muze and start building up your money.
- When you're tired with that, go back to the Chief and tell him you've solved the third riddle.
- The "New Man" ceremony can't be held yet. So in preparation, you should speak with Bomani, Wasani, and Roho about their professions and see if any of them interests you.
- Tambusi needs you to look for Mdogotu and take him some food. (He's in Quick Leap Woods)
- Find Mdogotu - he's not hungry (he's been eating fruit and his little tummy is all pooched out). He knows what he's gonna be when he grows up - no question about it. So Yati wonders off and stumbles across a grass doll.
- Take grass doll to Keja. Keja tells the story of the grass doll. Grass doll is a Special Item and added to trophies. Keja has box for Bomani.
- Take box for Bomani in Sanctuary.(Note: If you look at a picture of the box in your inventory, you may recognize it from the last game.) Bomani is not there. You look around, see father's image and pass out...
- Bomani arrives. Give box to Bomani. Have a quick chat.
- Go see Roho in Oke Lands. To find Oke Lands, follow the outer wall of the Sanctuary North to the cave entrance. Enter the cave. If you don't touch the mushrooms, the snakes ("creepers") won't bite you. Follow the cave to the right and you'll exit to Oke Lands. Once you are outside of cave, you'll see a monkey. Follow the monkey into the second cave to the North, keeping to the right. Watch the cut scene. You will come back to Oke Lands automatically.

Chapter 2:

- Talk to Roho. He wants you to go to the Ancestor's Wood. (SE corner of the map).
- Go to Ancestor's Wood. You will go in automatically. You will swoon and pass out. Watch cut scene.
- Wake up at Keja's. Talk to Keja. Tell her you don't think you're cut out to be a Shaman.
- Go talk to Muze about white people. He is leaving, but he tells you he'll ask around.
-Talk to Bomani about hunting. He will give you a bow and 20 arrows and tell you how to hunt Leap Quick (the blue birds, quail, whatever).
- Score at least 5 birds and bring them back and show Bomani. He'll talk to you about survival and you come up with an idea for a recipe. Bomani tells you to try it and bring one back to him.
- Cook Grilled Leap Quick and take to Bomani. He approves and tells you may now use his workshop to make arrows.
- Talk to Wasani about a craft. He asks if you have anything particular in mind. When you say no, he says you must wait until you do.
- Talk to Mkulima (by coastline at Muze's) She is upset.
- Follow Mkulima to garden. Apparently Muze has a bit of the inventor in him...he has flooded Mkulima's garden.
- Go to Wasani and tell him you've found a job. Wasani tells you that first he wants some baked fruit.
- Go to Tambusi and get the recipe for Baked Fruit. Make baked fruit, show it to Tambusi.
- Take baked fruit to Wasani. He's now ready to go.
- At Mkulima's garden. Wasani gives you an axe and tells you he needs 10 pieces of lumber (you now have all the level one tools)
- Cut down 2 trees and return to Wasani.
- Follow the cut scene through the completion of the job. Wasani goes home. Mkulima is very happy.
- Look behind Mkulima's hut and find the hammer. Pick up the hammer.
- Take the hammer to Wasani. The hammer is a Special Item and is added to trophies.
- Talk to Tambusi. Mdogoku gone again. (He's next to the wall of the Sanctuary in Leap Quick Forest)
- Find Mdogoku and discover he has a stomach ache.
- Talk to Keja. She tells you she needs herbs and a magic mushroom.
- Talk to the Chief. He wants to know if you have decided on a profession. Just as you are telling him you're havng a hard time making up your mind, Roho appears and says you will be a Shaman Student. You don't seem particularly thrilled at this didn't think you did very well at it - but it appears you have no choice. So Shaman Student it is. Roho leaves and tells you to meet him in Oke Lands.
- Go to entrance of cave. Make sure you have a full stomach. Go in cave and locate mushroom Keja needs. Grab it and run for the door.
- Return to Keja with mushroom and herbs.
- Take Keja to Mdogoku
- Go to Tambusi and tell her you found Mdogoku. Keja is with him because he has a stomach ache.
- Go to Roho in Oke Lands. He tells you your bag is not big enough. You need to get a bigger bag from Wasani.
- Go to Wasani. Wasani's Shop is now available. (Note: If you've been following my advice, you should have several thousand dollars in your coffers by now, enough to purchase the Shaman Student's Bag for $500 and the Shaman Student's Bow for $2,000. If you can afford any other Shaman Student upgrades, get them as well, but don't bankrupt yourself. Buy only the best upgrade, even if it means waiting, otherwise you're paying extra money in the long-run. The larger bag is well-worth it and the better bow allows you to kill Leap Quicks from further away and boars with one shot.)
- Go back to Oke Lands. Time to learn your first spell. Roho gives you the Solar Gift so you can see better in the caves and sends you off after two magic mushrooms. (Remember to have a full stomach!)
- Gather herbs and mushrooms. Get recipe for Potion of Clear Vision. (Receive Magic Fire) Make Potion of Clear Vision. - Return to Roho with Potion of Clear Vision. He tells you that some herbs are magic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. One of these herbs is the Oke Bur. So he wants you to drink the Potion of Clear Vision and find him Oke Bur.
- Drink Potion of Clear Vision and gather the Oke Bur in the Oke Lands. (OR you can do this: DON'T drink the potion right away. Instead, leave the area and go to the Sanctuary. Once right inside the Sanctuary, drink the potion. You will see an Oke Bur on the left and a Datura Bowl on the right. Pick them both quickly. Then run back to Oke Lands and you'll still have time to run around and gather up all the Oke Bur there.) You'll hear a noise.

Chapter 3:

- Gather the other necessary ingredients for the Fast Run Potion
- Make the Fast Run Potion and take it to Roho
- Return to the Village (You don't have to use the Fast Run Potion - you can save it for later)
- Talk to Mdogoku and learn that the villagers have gone to the edge of Marshy Woods
- Take the East path through Leap Quick Woods and find the villagers. Talk to Tambusi.
- Go back to Village. See monkey come out of bushes where Mdogoku was.
- Find Mdogoku (He's in the Sanctuary)
- Talk to Mdogoku and discover he wants a bigger stick. You'll need to talk to Wasani about it.
- Go to the coastline by Muze's shop and see if Muze is back. Roho will appear. (Note: You must go to the coastline. You'll know you're in the right place if you stop automatically and Roho appears. It is critical that you get the visit from Roho.)
- Roho tells you to make friends with the strangers.
- Go to Wasani and tell him Mdogoku needs a big stick.
- Gather the wood necessary and bring it to Wasani.
- Take stick from Wasani and take it to Mdogoku. Tell Mdogoku to go see Wasani.
- Find the stranger with the hat (Dr. Langst - he's by the wall of the Sanctuary in Leap Quick Woods)
- Talk to Dr. Langst. There is a pause. Then he tells you it flew away. You can't think of anything to say.
- Find and pickup Ashywing Butterfly. Take it to Dr. Langst.
- Dr. Langst gives you a box in which to collect things (this starts the "Rarities Collection". You will now find butterflies, shells, bugs, frogs, turtles and lizards all over the island, so keep a sharp eye out for them.)
- Talk to the red-haired stranger (Corc) (he's by the garden near Mkulima's hut). He's thirsty and would like something other than water.
- Talk to Tambusi about sweet water. She's got her own problems - her kitchen is torn up. She needs some vegetables from Mkulima.
- Talk to Mkulima. She's hiding and not coming out and she doesn't have any seeds.(If you still have the 20 she gave you before, use them now. If not, you'll have to buy some from Muze. Just plant 20 though. You'll get everything you need in the one planting.)
- Plant garden. Pick vegetables.
- Take vegetables to Tambusi. Get recipe for Fruit Water. Make Fruit water.
- Take Fruit Water to Corc. Talk to Corc. Now he's hungry. He noticed the pigs on the island. You guessed it. He wants pig meat. Oh, and look in on his friend, Gilles.
- Go to Bomani and ask about Boar hunting. Yeah! You can now hunt boar.
- Shoot 5 boar and go back to Bomani. You'll get the recipe for Roast Boar.
- Make Roast Boar. After you make the Roast Boar, go to Dungu Land to the transfer spot and look at the small bush just above it. You'll see a blow pipe. Pick it up.
- Take the blow pipe to Bomani. The blow pipe is a Special Item.
- Take Roast Boar to Corc.
- Go to Wasani and ask him to make a club for Mdogoku. Bless him, he wants more Baked Fruit and one plank.
- Make Baked Fruit and cut down a tree.
- Return to Wasani with the fruit and plank. He makes the club.
- Take the club to Mdogoku. Tell Mdogoku to go to Wasani.
- Talk to Gilles (he's in the Village by Tambusi). Gilles seems to be ill and unable to speak.
- Talk to Tambusi. A little fish soup is in order.
- Catch a fish ( or ten) Make fish soup.
- Give fish soup to Gilles and coax him to eat.
- Go see Corc and ask if the food was okay and talk about his village. He offers to take you to his village.
- Meet Corc by the entrance to Marshy Woods.
- Roho appears and tells advises you need a protective potion.
- Gather ingredients necessary for Protective Potion
- Return to Roho with ingredients. He gives you recipe and tells says you can use fire in Sanctuary.
- Go to Sanctuary and make Protective Potion.
- Return to Marshy Woods and show potion to Roho
- Watch the cut scene with the strangers and the monkey and Mdogoku.

Chapter 4:

- Go to Far Beach with strangers
- Witness fight with Olof and monkey, etc.
- Corc wants you to ask Gilles to cook something for Olof to eat
- Yati sees the ghost of his father again.
- Follow the ghost to the NE side of Far Beach
- Notice the boat must talk to Roho about vision
- Return to Village notice commotion
- Agnelo is offering rum to villagers. Muze buys barrel of rum
- Talk to Gilles - he's shaking again
- Talk to Tambusi. Seems Leap Quick Soup is in order this time (their version of chicken soup perhaps?)
- Get items for Leap Quick Soup
- Return to Tambusi and get recipe for Leap Quick Soup, make soup
- Give soup to Gilles
- Go to Oke Lands and talk to Roho. When you get there you find Agnelo.
- Tell Roho about vision. He tells you to find herbs necessary for Potion of Inter World. He also gives you access to his Shop.
- Gather needed herbs. Make potion. Return to Roho.
- Follow Roho to Ancestor's Wood. He explains the guardian spirits. He leaves you there. Use to opportunity to grab the couple of Rarities that are there and a couple of the flowers while heading out. (Don't attempt the cave at this point - not enough time).
- Go talk to Muze. He's got an idea and he needs some herbs.
- Gather the necessary herbs. He takes one and wants you to take the rest to Keja.
- Go to Keja with the herbs. She has no idea what Muze is up to and sends you to get Muze
- Go to Muze - he's not there. Mkulima come over and is angry.
- Go to Mkulima's and see what Muze did.
- Go to the Northern most point of the island where the jungle ends. You'll see a boar in a mudhole. Behind him is a rum barrel. Pick up the rum barrel.
- Return to Keja. She'll take the herbs and agrees to make the charms.
- Talk to Gilles. Talk to him about Vegetable Stew. He'll tell you what's needed to make it.
- Gather the ingredients and return to Gilles. He'll make the stew and give you the recipe.
- Take the stew to Corc on Far Beach. Watch what the monkey does.
- Do the favor for Professor Langst and gather logs.
- Return the box that the monkey stole to Bomani
- Return to Far Beach to talk to Professor Langst again
- Find Corc in Marshy Woods
- Return to Keja - she's finished with the charm
- Go to Muze and talk to him about the rum barrel. The barrel is a Special Item.
- Gilles comes up.
- Talk to Gilles.

Chapter 5:

- Go with Gilles. You'll find a crowd around Agnelo. Something's wrong. Gilles want's you to get Prof. Langst.
- Go to Far Beach and get the Professor - you turn up back in the village.
- Roho appears and tells you to meet with him.
- Go to Oke Lands to talk with Roho - He tells you to find out about the boat and about your mother's charm
- Talk to Wasani about the boat. He tells you it was Muze's boat.
- Talk to Muze.
- He tells you he loaned the boat to your father. You tell him that it's wrecked at Far Beach.
- Go back to Wasani. Tell him you'd like to fix the boat. He agrees. You figure out how to get the boat back.
- Talk to Keja about the charm. She sends you to Bomani
- Talk to Bomani then return to Keja. Keja tells you to talk to Mkulima.
- Mkulima tells you about your mother's charm.
- Talk to Muze - he wants another favor.
- Go to cave in Ancestor's Wood and find mother's charm. Pick all the mushrooms in this cave. There's also a Rarity in the cave.
- Take Mkulima to Far Beach (have at least 6 Potions of Protection with you)
- Talk to Olof about boat
- Talk to Gilles about food for Olof. Get recipe for Big Man Steak.
- Make recipe and take to Gilles.
- Feed Olof. Conversation about boat. Boat comes back to Wasani.
- Talk to Wasani about fixing boat.
- Talk to Keja about potion father tried to make.
- Talk to Bomani about stuffed boar for Mdogoku
- Gather materials and make boar. Give boar to Mdogoku. Note location of boar and Mdogoku on map.
- Go to Oke Land and talk to Roho about potion father had Keja make.
- Gather the herbs he tells you to get.
- Return to Roho. He tells you about the Transfer Potion, gives you the recipe and tells you to make it.
- Return to Roho with the Transfer Potion.
- Roho tells your father. Then he tells you to complete all your tasks. (This is the last opportunity you will have to get your trophies and other items completed, so do everything you need to do before you return to Roho.)
- Talk to Gilles in the village. Agnelo won't let him talk.
- Go to Far Beach and get Mkulima. When you get back to Mkulima's she notices the boar in the pen.
- Look at your map. You should see that Mdogoku is no longer by the stuffed boar.
- Go to the stuffed boar. Pick up the rag doll to the right of the boar.
- Take the rag doll to Mdogoku - it is a Special Item. The rag doll will be added to your trophies.
- When you have completed all of your trophies and found all of the Rarities, return to Roho in Oke Land. (You'll still have one Special Item open)
- Return to Roho. He tells you to drink the Transfer Potion and go to Ancestor Wood and talk to Fahti.
- Return to Roho using (Transfer Potion) in Oke Land. Upon arrival you hear screams.

Chapter 6:

- Go to Marshy Woods (if you use a Transfer Potion, you must use a Protective Potion upon arrival). You'll find Gilles' scarf.
- Go to Far Beach and talk to Corc. You discover that the boat is gone and so are Agnelo and Olof.
- Go back to the Village and talk to the Chief and tell him about Gilles.
- Go tell Roho in Oke Land. Roho will take you to a secret place in the Sanctuary and explain about the need to have another name.
- Leave Roho in Sanctuary and talk to Chief again. He will tell you he needs bait, a cage and rope for the hunt.
- Talk to Wasani about the cage. Gather what he needs and give it to him.
- Talk to Keja about the rope. Gather what she needs and take it to her.
- Talk to Tambusi about the bait. Gather what she needs and take it to her.
- Go back and talk to the Chief.
- Go to Far Beach and talk to Corc and Prof. Langst.
- Go back to the Village.
- While everyone else goes on the hunt, take Gilles' scarf to the Ancestor's Wood. Talk to Gilles.
- Go to the Marshy Woods and tell the others what you learned from Gilles. The monkey comes in with
one of the stones from the Sanctuary.
- Go to the Sanctuary then go to the secret Sanctuary. Watch the cut scenes. (Very sad)
- Go back to the village and lead the people to Far Beach.
- Once at Far Beach, go to the cave... you'll see there's nothing to be done.
- Go back to the others. Pick up what is yours.
- Watch the cut scene.

Chapter 7:

- Epilogue - Just watch the cut scene. And notice that there will be a continuation. Hooray!!

Game Information:


Requirements for Gold Trophies:

SPECIAL ITEMS (one in each Chapter)

Grass Doll - (Mental Note) Chapter One - You'll find it automatically.
Hammer - (Whatever Is Left) Chapter Two - After you have fixed the flooded garden patch. It's behind Mkulima's hut.
Blow Pipe - (Four Parts of a Man) Chapter Three - After you have learned to hunt wild boar. It's in Dungu Lands, by a bush, above and a bit left of the transfer pad.
Rum Barrel - (Ashes Behind the Back) Chapter Four - After Muze buys it from the stranger. Then after he disappears, you'll find it at the northern most point of the island (Dungu Lands) behind the boar in the mudhole.
Rag Doll - (Just Like Me) Chapter Five - After you make the stuffed boar for Mdogoku, wait until close to the end of the chapter when you see he is no longer around the boar. Then go there and get the rag doll.
Gilles' Scarf - (The One Who's Gone) Chapter Six - After you hear the scream, go to Marshy Woods. It's in the middle.


Ashywing - The first one you find after talking to Prof. Langston. It starts the collection.
Obatala's Warrior - The little crook between the waterfall and Marshy Woods.
Ancestor's Moth - East end of Ancetor's Wood, near bottom of ledge.
Greeny - Marshy Wood - around center.
Firespray - Okie Land - the tree north of the dead tree in the center.
Nighter - Far Beach on shoreline by rocks, before father's boat.
Whiteflap - Oduduva Island - on top of rope behind Keja's hut.

Piper - Oduduva Island - SE tip by big rock on the water side.
Olokun's Horn - the little island with the coconut tree, off NW coast of Dungu Lands.
Bottom Comb - Water edge of Leap Quick Woods on a little gray patch, before the crossover to Muze's hut.
Sea Thorn - Far Beach - Almost hidden by sails on the boat. Water's edge to the right of the crates.
Plaidy - Leap Quick Woods - SE end at edge of water, to the right of the apple tree.
Amberro - Northern most tip of Dungu Land, on the coastline, in front of a palm tree with a yellow flower in front.
Ringside - Marshy Wood, around the middle.

Boar Bug - Dungu Land, immediately north of transfer pad, by tree.
Sun Bug - Far Beach - Right of camp fire, between banana and palm tree, by the little rock.
Needlerun - Marshy Wood, around the center. It's red.
Wingface - Okie Land, by the tree left of the tent.
Red Stripy - Leap Quick Wood - left of yellow flower on NE border by the rocks.
Ancestor's Bug - in cave in Ancestor's Wood. All the way to the right, before the green mushroom.
Yellow stripy - Olokun Island, between the rock and tree, north of Muze's shop.

Croaker - Marshy Wood, not far from where everything else has been found.
Reddo - Far Beach - by the bush, left of the apple tree.
Sea Nuthatch - Far Beach - Lowest place you can get through the reef - by the rocks.
Toxxy - Oke Lands - by the rock left of the dead tree in the center of the map.
Multifaced - Ancestor's Woods, before the last hut in the SE.
Forest Nuthatch - Leap Quick Woods - left of the lemon tree, just left of the little garden patch.
Swirler - Far Beach. In Dr. Langst's cave. Go forward, take the last left and go to the very end. It's right before the blue mushroom.

P.S. Special Thanks to Textrekkie for writing this Walkthrough!


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Hi Deskata, though you posted your question a few weeks ago... in case you would check this page...

The map displayed on top of this page is quite foggy. This is part of the game. We uncover the map progressively, as we go on in the game, and discover new areas. On this map, the Ancestor's Wood is hidden for the moment. But for your info, it is on the right side, at the bottom of the map.
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game does not give you a chance kills you before you can eat food so you cannot get items you need from woods and swamp
Debora Rachel
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great walkthrough textrekkie!!! thanks a lot!!!
shaman roho
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but what about chapter 7
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Easy Peasy
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very nice walthrough! sorry I didn't see it before. rip trekkie
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thank yoy
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I truly appreciate the walk through! I've played both 1and 2 in the iPad version, each at least 10 times all the way through! One issue I have is that the trophy for island kid is unobtainable in my version-the part of the island that lies beyond the secret circle (the "heart" of the island in #1) never clears of clouds, although I finish the game all the way through. It seems this part of the island is only accessible through cut scenes and never to general exploration, I've cleared the clouds on every other inch of the map-is there something I'm not doing? This is only true for 2, as I'm able to clear it easily in 1. Can anyone offer help in this regard? It would be appreciated as I'm a bit frustrated.
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Thanku very much!!
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저는 이 개임을 저 컴퓨터에 깔고싶어요.

그래서인데 제발 답장 주시고 제발 게임을 컴퓨터에 까는 방법을 알려주세요.

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저는 이 개임을 저 컴퓨터에 깔고싶어요.

그래서인데 제발 답장 주시고 제발 게임을 컴퓨터에 까는 방법을 알려주세요.

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